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For phone order/inquiries, please call: 1-818-725-9720 or e-mail:
For phone order/inquiries, please call: 1-818-725-9720 or e-mail:


"I've used hundreds if not thousands of Alpha Shafts in my custom club shop since at least 2003.  I continue to use them in the highest percentage of my fittings because of the soundness of their basic designs, the wide variety of models they've developed, and their extraordinary pricing.  I've used them myself virtually exclusively for years, and I've never found one of those high-priced, "premium" shafts that will outperform them either in my business or on the course.  Alpha's world-class reputation in long drive competition is well known and their efforts to develop their brand are expanding and paying off.  I'm grateful to Jim, Jenny and their staff for their exceptional knowledge and support over the years and I will  continue to purchase the great majority of my components and supplies from Alpha Golf."
Ken Hurlbert, Owner, Certified Personal Clubfitter
Golfcraft Custom Clubs - Bakersfield, CA

“The V5 LX is the best driver I have ever hit!!!! Installed a Fuji. 360 tipped .5 in.”

Phil M.
Evansville, IN

"I purchased one fo your Alpha V5 LX proto type tour issue drivers.  I put a Diamana Blue Board 83x and built it to 45".  It was built for one of Iowa's top amateur golfers and he found it to be the best driver he has ever tried.  He said he will not waste his time putting another driver in his bag.  I will recommend it to future customers looking for an Alpha driver."

John A.
Charles City, IA

" is really amazing what a difference your driver with the right shaft has made. It totally changed the distance and accuracy of my drives!"

Thomas J. 

Best driver I have ever hit, in both distance and accuracy. The big names have nothing over on the Alpha C830.2 Plasma.  Glad I heard about it”

Robert G.
Lower Burrell, PA

“I've been a long-time fan of Alpha golf clubs.  Mostly used the drivers - the C830.2 and the V2.  I wasn't ready to replace my Mizuno irons but I did try the Alpha wedge set.  I was stunned.  They look great and feel great.  But the magic is in the soft landings.  I know exactly where I'll land if I have a PF2 lob or sand wedge.  My short game was my liability.  And now it's one of my strong points.  I would say I've shaved off 5-6 strokes thanks to your wedges."

Sherwin Moore
Folsom, CA

“The PF2 wedges are some of the most accurate clubs I've ever hit.  They're reliable and consistent.  On a 400 yard straightaway, I get 1 good drive from my Alpha C830.2 driver to get me in position and 1 lob from my Alpha PF2 wedge to get me close to the pin."

Jack Ferenz
Champions Tour Professional

“I recently purchased a V5 LX Driver thru a custom club builder with a Matrix x-con shaft.  Altough I am sure the shaft has helped make a difference the V5 LX driver is the best driver I have owned.  Unfortunately I buy new drivers every year and have owed just about everything form all the top companies. The V5 LX outperforms them all and is also the best looking one.”

Thomas J Tsai
Medina OH

“Being a club builder, I have built a number of drivers. The C830.2 Plasma head may be the best driver I have ever had.”

Donald V
Lakeland, FL

"I love the PF2 lob wedge.  60-70 yards out is my sweet spot where I just know that my next shot will be a little putt.  That's how confident I am in hitting my PW”

David Kwon
Locust Grove, VA

“The spin on the PF-2 is amazing.  I've actually had balls roll back towards me on a flat green after landing.”

Ken Gibson, Golf Instructor
Florence, SC

“The 6 degree C830.2 Plasma driver has so far replaced my old 8 degree driver. The trajectory is what I was looking for. My miss hits do not go off line as much as my old driver, the feel is solid and I am back to hitting the fairway and lower scores. I even hit it on 2 holes that I would normally use a 3 wood off the T. Nice club solid feel. “

Bill R
Northville, MI

“I bought the C830.2 Plasma driver and 3 wood and hit them on the range and they felt very good.”

Dan S
Houston, TX

“The Alpha Driver, C830.2 Plasma - 12° Head arrived here in Auckland, New Zealand faster than I thought it would and after installing a shaft and grip, it sure performed better than I thought it would. It was awesome !! A golf buddy tried it and he could not believe the flight and accuracy he was getting. He's a 25 Hcp marker and he was driving like a single figure marker. Now he's about to order an Alpha Driver too. The local Pro who fitted the shaft also had a hit with it. He was so confused because it was not built to his specs but the ball just sizzled down the right side of the fairway then drew slightly back to the centre. It went further than his normal drives. It blew him away too - and he has never heard of Alpha before. That may have wrecked his confidence about his own driver now. I've wanted to get one of these for over a year now but it's hard if you can't trial one - it's a bit of a gamble - but I'm so glad I did. The feel at impact is unbelievable.”

Jim H
Manukau City, NZ

“I really like the C830.2 Plasma. It is a very forgiving driver.”

David P
Algood, TN

“Jim spent several minutes w/ me on the phone discussing your product in detail helping me select the right head for me. Ordered a head and asked to have the product shipped overnight. Customer service insured it would be here - and it was. This head is very easy to look at the ball explodes off the club head. Can't believe this head is relatively unknown to the general market. I'm a 3 handicap, and very picky w/ my equipment. This C830.2 Plasma head "feels" the best I've hit - so very solid. Looks and sounds perfectly. I've played every top brand driver on the market over the years and none have felt better than this. Thanks and keep up the great work!”

Ron S. 
Leo, IN

“I especially like the V5 fairway wood. The driver has a lower trajectory than I like, so I ordered one from your company with a higher trajectory. If the distance is the same (and I expect it probably will be), I will be extremely pleased. Based on the experience with the fairway wood I ordered a 7 wood to replace my three iron. You make very good products; you should be very pleased with your operation. I recommend the products to all of my golfing friends.”

George M
Philadelphia, PA

“The RX Low Pro hybrid is an awesome club. Will be back for the #4 hybrid as well!”

Jerold I
Studio City, CA

“My experience with Alpha were above and beyond expectation. I only wish all companies can exhibit their type of impeccable service. "

Jeff F
Chino Hills, CA

“I have bought all three PF-2 wedges & the Alpha V5 driver & am extremely happy with all!  I am especially happy with the driver! As a matter of fact I am considering buying another one & installing a lighter shaft for those more forgiving fairways (I am using a 94 gram shaft on the driver right now). Thanks!”

Joseph C
Phoenix, AZ

"I have purchased your V5 LX driver and installed a Matrix code 6 shaft. It would have to be the best driver I've hit for length and accurancy. I'm a 59 years old, low handicapper of 6 and able consistently hit drives of 270 meters. "

Stephen R